My pick of the Greek Islands

September 3, 2016

My pick of the Greek Islands

Of all the Greek Islands I’ve visited in the last week, there is one stand out island – Kastellorizo. It is the eastern most island of Greece and is also called Megisti after the first settlers, Megisteas.


The houses on the foreshore are all painted wonderful bright colours.

I love it because it’s small with only 400 residents, swelling to 1,200 in the summer and has no airport so the package deals on Ryan Air just can’t get here. There are very few souvenir shops and there’s a strong sense you’re in a village with real people going about their business.


The foreshore has a small number of delightful, simple restaurants providing grilled whole fish, mostly Seabream and calamari caught by the local fisherman. One thing I learnt about the fishing boats is the significance of their bright colours. Each one is different and distinguishes a fisherman or his family, making the boat easily recognisable on the water.


A simple meal of grilled fish with a big Greek salad and feta is typical fare on this small island.


Each fishing boat is painted different bright colours making it easily recognisable on the water.

The one activity to do in Kastellorizo is visit the blue caves. Along the foreshore is a local operator, George with his Aussie wife, Louise. They run a number of small boats taking visitors to the caves for just 10 euros.


On the way out to see the Blue Caves.

It was high tide and choppy when we set out and George skilfully hugged the coastline. He managed to take the boat into one of the caves maneuvering it so we could look back and take in the electric blue glow and water.


I never imagined the colour of the water and glow in the cave would be so intense.

It was too difficult to get into the second cave so we jumped into the tepid Aegean Sea and swam in again overcome with the beauty and colour.

It wouldn’t be hard to spend a few days here and you would really understand the meaning of ‘relaxation.’

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