So hip it left us disappointed… but I still love this hotel.

September 27, 2016

So hip it left us disappointed… but I still love this hotel.


Inside the Sanderson Hotel, French designer, Philippe Stark’s furniture is hard to miss.

A review of the Sanderson Hotel in London.

The Morgan Group of hotels are renowned for their funky fit-outs and hip parties. We had a great experience in the Mondrain in Los Angeles, a luxury boutique hotel in West Hollywood and also at the Sanderson Hotel in the heart of London’s west-end some years ago, hence our eagerness to return and enjoy the quirkiness of this hotel.


The Los Angeles Mondrain is famous for its Sunday pool parries.


The rooms in the Mondrian in Los Angeles was seriously quirky!

However, it has got so cool it has forgotten its purpose of providing an excellent experience to its guests.


The foyer of the Sanderson Hotel has an eclectic array of furniture.

It’s such a hip hang-out for private functions they dominated the surroundings while we were staying, making it impossible for us to enjoy the hotel facilities and have a drink and a catch up with family as planned.


This wonderful bar space was unavailable to guests a couple of nights we were at the hotel  due to private functions.

The Sanderson is a small boutique hotel, not a function centre. Larger hotels can get away with hosting independent functions because of the scale of the buildings, but when there are essentially only two bars a private function is going to detract from the enjoyment of the guests.

We caught the tail end of fashion week, putting huge pressure on the hotel facilities and staff leaving us on the outer, with no place to go other than a small and over crowded bar.

On raising this with the Sanderson’s Guest Experience Manager they were apologetic and tried to make it up to us but unfortunately the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding had passed.


The chairs really look at you!

Having said all this there is something very captivating about the hotel and Philippe Stark’s interior. Despite our unfortunate experience I would highly recommend you go and have a drink or better still enjoy the ‘Mad Hatters Autumn Tipsy Evening Tea’, held daily from 7 pm-9 pm. Alice in Wonderland’s imagination is alive and well so go and enjoy.


‘Mad Hatters Autumn Tipsy Evening Tea’



This pool room also doubles as a private function room.

Thanks to the Sanderson Hotel for trying to put things right but still not good enough.

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