Madrid’s tapas and food is exceptional

August 27, 2016

Madrid’s tapas and food is exceptional

I’ve never really thought of Madrid as a foodies haven, just lots of tapas until I read a review about Madrid’s great food in the Daily Telegraph. Then coincidentally, I read three tips in a Lonely Planet guide…two of them about Madrid’s food scene.


1. Three months before you leave home: Reserve your hotel as early as you can.

2. One month before: Get excited about the food of Madrid and book a table at – Ten Con Ten and OTTO.

3. One week before: Book one-line entry to the Museo del Prado to avoid queues (this art museum is the equivalent to the Louve in Paris.)

All three bits of advice proved excellent.

Here is a brief summary of some of the places we ate at in Madrid. The food was very good.

Ten Con Ten Restaurante and Bar 

I can’t talk highly enough about this elegant and trendy bar and restaurant where the beautiful people of Madrid hang out. Not once, but twice we dined here during our short stay, it was so good.


Thinly sliced beef.


The orzo truffle risotto was sensational with grains perfectly cooked, la dente with the richness of the truffle. Both oil and shavings touched every sense.

I’m not a truffle hog, but I couldn’t resist more fungi -penne with morel mushrooms.


Morel mushroom are almost impossible to find in NZ. It’s such a shame as they are a real delicacy.


Sitting in Otto, you could be forgiven for thinking we were in the library.


The squid was not only tender, but had been cut to resemble fish scales.


This next dish was slow cooked beef and a creamy cheesy sauce, outstanding..


 Captain Alatriste


This restaurant was recommended by our local guide, Santiago and was typically Spanish. Sitting outside on a beautiful barmy evening we gorged ourselves on complimentary nibbles, so generous and delicious. Small morsels of warm, crisp pork belly and deliciously flavoursome green olives just slipped down.


Gazpacho soup followed. It’s on many menus, with each restaurant making it slightly differently.


Delicious, piglet leg with creamy gatin potatoes.

The pork was succulent and flavoursome.


Lateral serves tapas in a casual and relaxed environment under umbrellas outside in the Plaza San Ana. Jets of cool mist descending from the arms of the umbrella, to keep us cool.


Jamon with mozzarella and a balsamic reduction was a great combination

Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel is one of several markets in Madrid where excellent tapas are served.


Shrimp tapas, and jamon cut straight from the bone with olives, bread and cheese made for a memorable lunc

IMG_0128 (1)

The market was busy, fun and visually spectacular.

I’d go back to Madrid to eat in a heart beat.

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