Your guide to walking the Cinque Terre

September 12, 2016

Your guide to walking the Cinque Terre


The sun going down over Riomaggiore.

We arrived last night in time to watch the sun go down before sitting down to a delicious meal in one of the trattorias in Riomaggiore –Il Grottino.


Calamari and prawns is a simple combination but the Italians do something special to make it divine.

Our accommodation, Casalorenza is to be recommended and is one-minute walk to the main street, restaurants, beach and train station. It’s pink which is no surprise as all the houses in the Cinque Terre are colourful yet they blend in  and there’s nothing garish about then.


The unique coloured houses in the Cinque Terre.

Most of the accommodation seems to be family owned as our is, with three rooms, all with ensuites. One of the rooms is larger with a kitchen and table and would be perfect accommodation for friends or a family.


This is Casalorenza, our accommodation in Riomaggiore. There are three rooms, with beautiful water views and a garden.

In the main street there is a small food store selling everything you need so I’ve stocked up on delicious melon, prosciutto and mozzarella for breakfast with tomatoes and basil from the garden, thanks to the generosity of our host.


I’m here for a great five days, living the Italian dream on the Riviera and plan to do some strenuous hillside and coastal walks so watch the new posts.


Boats tied up in the little beach in Riomagiore, with bathers on the rocks like seals!

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