Universal Studios – is just keeps getting better

April 27, 2013

Universal Studios – is just keeps getting better

It’s been 10 years  since I was at Universal Studios and it is it just keeps getting better.


The kid in me still loves a great theme park and there is nothing like a “feel good” place with families and happy people.

We decided to start with the Studio Tour of the world’s largest working movie studio. Driving around in the tour tram we saw many sets, including Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives and the airy and terrifying 747-000 plane crash from War of the Worlds.

Lyn's house, Desperate Housewives

Lyn’s house, Desperate Housewives, Wisteria Lane

747 000  Wars of the World

747 000  fuselage -Wars of the World

But the best was (and I am not biased) Peter Jackson’s, mind blowing, award winning King Kong – the world’s largest 3D experience.

We drove into what looked like a shed and as the doors crashed behind us we were caught in the middle of a fight between a 10 metre T-Rex and King Kong.

Two curved screens, the equivalent of 16 movie theatre screens surrounded our tram.

The technology created an intense and real drama while we remained stationery, with the odd judder.

We then moved on to two of the newer rides, the Transformers and the Simpsons.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The newer attractions no longer rely on mechanical rides to give you a thrill. Instead they mess with your mind in a simulator  both.

In the 3D transformers ride fiction and reality easily blurs.

And the Simpsons was equally spectacular. The Simpson family visit a theme park and a new projection system and hydraulics make it fast, unreal and memorable.

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