Correction to previous post on the Historic Route 66

September 28, 2014

Correction to previous post on the Historic Route 66

I apologise to readers for the headline on my recent blog Historic Route 66. The implication was my comments were about all of Route 66, rather than the section I saw when in Albuquerque.


Readers have also questioned how a judgment can be made on such a small section of the route when its entirety is 2,400 miles. I agree with this comment, however my comments were specific to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque authorities are keen to restore the route to its previous glory and the RT66 Action Plan is underway.

Readers also assured me there are other sections of the historic route that are definitely worth seeing, including Tucumcari in New Mexico. If you are thinking of exploring Historic Route 66 contact the Route 66 Associations to get an understanding of what there is to see and their restoration plans.

Route 66 Associations

Visit Albuquerque

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