5 great destinations to explore-Oman, Cabo, Antigua, Santa Fe & Tonga

April 22, 2018

5 great destinations to explore-Oman, Cabo, Antigua, Santa Fe & Tonga

If you are looking for new exciting destinations to explore, I thought I’d share some of my favourite places outside of Europe…Oman, Cabo, Antigua, Santa Fe and Tonga’s Vava’u Islands. As much as I love Europe, sometimes you just need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and do something entirely different.

These five great destinations are all very different and hold fond memories for me.

1.  OMAN – Explore exotic Muscat

Oman’s geography is diverse with an incredible coastline and magnificent mountains.

For our 20th wedding anniversary (a few years ago) Tim and I had a divine two weeks in Oman. It had been on our radar as one of Tim’s cousins worked there for a number of years. I really rate this place as it’s not like any place I’ve ever visited before. Its Muslim culture, great food and the mountains will blow your mind. It’s not a country you would drive in, nor does it have public transport so it’s best to get around with a driver/guide. This way you will also learn a lot about this fascinating country.

How to get there…it’s just a one hour flight from Dubai.

Take a look at these blogs. If you do go, stay at The Chedi in Muscat… still one of my favourite hotels.


Many great reasons to visit Oman – a pictorial tour
Niswa Livestock market- Oman

2.  MEXICO – Put your feet up in Cabo and enjoy the best margarita you’ll ever have.

This is ‘Lovers Beach’ at Cabo.

We had about five days in Cabo San Lucas a couple of years ago and are going back in a couple of months we enjoyed it so much. Incase you are wondering where is, it’s on the southern tip of the Barren Baja California Peninsula. The peninsula is about 1200 kilometres long and is largely uninhabited with little more than rock and the odd cactus. Tourists flocking to the resorts each year to enjoy the warmth and dry climate as it only rains 5-10 days a year. It’s colourful, fun, hot, with great restaurants … all the makings of a great holiday.

How to get there… it’s a two hour flight from Los Angeles. If you do go, you won’t be disappointed with the Resort at Pedregal.

What’s to love about Cabo- EVERYTHING


3.  Guatemala – Antigua is a delightful historic town just outside Guatemala City

Last year we had a week in the beautiful town of Antigua, near Guatemala City. We had planned to stay just four days, but when Tim lost his passport our stay stretched to over a week. While we waited for a replacement I had a ball climbing live volcanos, visiting a coffee plantation and just enjoying this dynamic, historic town.

Antigua is one of the prettiest towns I have visited. Surrounded by active volcanos the nights can be very fiery.


A taste of Guatemala

4.  Santa Fe – New Mexico, USA

For art and architecture, this small town Santa Fe is hard to beat.

If you’ve ever wondered what Santa Fe in New Mexico is like, it was awarded “the best small city in America,” by Conde Nast Traveler’s Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards. They said, “No other place in the country so beautifully reflects the art, architecture, food and crafts of centuries of Native Americans, Spanish and Mexican influence.”


The best small city in America

5.  Swimming with the whales in Vava’u Islands -TONGA

A humpback whale in the Vava’u Islands breeching right in front of us.

We are visiting Tonga in August a few year back to swim with the humpback whales as they migrate from Antarctica to the warmer waters to birth their calves. As well as sailing around these idyllic waters to see the whales and swim so close is an incredible experience.


In gentle giants’ domain, Jane Jeffries hops in with the cetaceans – NZ Herald

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