5 GREAT things to do in Cabo

June 18, 2016

5 GREAT things to do in Cabo

  1. Get out on the water and enjoy the marine life including the humpback whales and turtles, snorkelling and visiting El Arco.

Find your way to the marina which won’t be hard as it’s in the middle of town and get out on the water. You will have no trouble finding a friendly Mexican to take you out on his small boat / water taxi but decide what you want to do first.

There is the famous El Arco (a hole in a series of rocks known as the ‘Three Friars’) which make up the peninsula’s very southern tip.

c arch8

El Arco is spectacular.

Or you can choose to be dropped off at Lovers’ Beach, Cabo’s most fabled spot with a strip of virgin sand only accessible by boat. Lover’s Beach is connected to Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side but be warned, the rip is treacherous.,


Lover’s Beach is tranquil and beautiful… this is what it looks like on one side.

c ocean

This is what it looks like on the other side …Divorce Beach is dangerous and frightening.

Whatever it is you would like to do, there will be someone to accommodate your every wish. The going rate for an hour in a water taxi is about US $12 per person. There are also a number of bigger operators that can take you out for the day to snorkel, dive, kayak or paddle board.


As well as these marine activities, Mexico is considered the country of sea turtles. From late August until early December the turtles on the Baja come home to lay their eggs. It is believed each mother turtle returns to lay her eggs on the same beach she was born, often a decade later. The males, on the contrary, never set foot on land again. The eggs hatch after between 8-10 weeks depending on the species and it is possible to release your own turtle to the ocean.

c turtle

The insignia at The Hotel at Pedregal is the turtle.

Humpback whales

Cabo is also famous for its whale watching. From October through to late March the humpback whales make their annual migration to breeding grounds off the coast of Baja California. Unfortunately, our timing was out and we did not get to see the whales or turtles but we will get the timing right next time.

  1. Drive to Todos Santos and visit, yes, THAT famous Hotel California

c hc

The famous Hotel California.

Hire a car for day and drive to Todos Santos which is about 45 minutes from Cabo. It is a delightful, sleepy small town famous with an artistic community and the famous Hotel California where the Eagles got the inspiration to write the song “Hotel California.”


The musicans on the roof of Hotel California.

Make time to have a meal or a drink and soak up the ambiance. It’s definitely worth listening to the lyrics of the song while you’re there and I’ll promise you the song will make a whole lot more sense when you see it in relation to the hotel and town.

c todos

Todos Santos is a beautiful town with many art galleries.

Walk around the very quaint town and enjoy the art galleries.

  1. Dine at Edith’s Restaurant

There are number of great restaurants in Cabo but my all time favourite is Edith’s. There is no mistaking you are in Mexico with the colourful décor, margaritas big enough to swim in, fresh locally caught seafood and Mexican fare and to top it off a trio of Mexicans’ to serenade you with a love song!

c ediths 3

Edith’s Restaurant is a must when visiting Cabo.

c marti

Don’t leave without having one of their margaritas.

Cabo prides itself on it’s great range seafood, caught daily. Your waiter will present to you the fish and beef on offer for the day explaining the many ways it can be cooked, including a roaring wood-fired grill at the entrance to the restaurant.


Choose form a selection of fresh seafood and beef.

It’s busy and lively and runs like clockwork. To avoid disappointment book early, or even before you leave home as it is well-known as one of the very best.

  1. Nightlife – You MUST go to Cabo Wabo and El Squid Roe

Explore Cabo’s great bar scene and make sure you take in Cabo Wabo and El Squid Roe.

I‘m not really a party girl but I have read such intriguing things about these two bars we made a b-line after dinner to see what it was all about.

Cabo Wabo

c graffiti

Graffiti in Cabo Wabo.

With painted walls and a bathroom covered in graffiti I could have spent hours reading the inscribed words from all that had passed through before me. It is an institution and worthy of stopping by for a drink or a meal.


Loved the women’s bathroom.

With live music and entertainment daily the stage at Sammy Hagar’s cantina has hosted top celebrities and musicians from all over the world. It has a distinguished status among the world’s greatest fiesta-goers so go and see it for yourself.

El Squid Roe

It is impossible to miss the red roof, quirky cartoon characters and neon glow from this nightclub. Inside it’s even more wild. With balloon blowers we were all soon wearing silly hats as the staff entertained us with their dancing and the large, three-tiered building literally came alive.

c srr

  1. Accommodation – don’t book without looking at THE RESORT AT PEDREGAL

When looking for accommodation in Cabo you may hear reference to the tourist corridor, which stretches from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. My recommendation would be to stay as close to Cabo San Lucas where all the fun and action is.

c beach 1

If you are keen to swim in the ocean do your research thoroughly as there are a number of beaches not suitable for swimming because of rips. Hotels on Medano Beach or Santa Maria Beach are predominantly safe.

c beach14

The pool meets to ocean at The Resort at Pedregal.

I stayed at The Resort at Pedregal which is located on the Pacific Ocean and while the beach was not suitable for swimming, it couldn’t have been more exhilarating with the waves thundering in. In every way this hotel was excellent and I would highly recommend it. It is without a doubt one of the best , if not the best in Cabo.

c - hotel 3

Getting there

Cabo is easily accessible flying Air New Zealand to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Connections to Cabo take between 2-3 hours.




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