A birthday celebration…

August 7, 2016

A birthday celebration…

After recently walking the Mont Blanc we ended up in Geneva and it just happened to be my birthday.

Time to celebrate … Swiss style.


Geneva is a beautiful city, stunning architecture and in every way perfect.

We found Edel Weiss, a traditonal Swiss restaurant with all the bells and whistles including carved wooden tables and chairs, a stuffed Saint Bernard dog and waiters wearing Swiss traditional costumes so we knew we had the real deal- music included.


Hard to believe – among the flags and dog were little green cuckoo doors.

The last fondue I ate was in the 1980’s when it was fashionable to have fondue dinner parties so it had been a while.


A more simple meal would be hard to find… deep-fried cubes of beef!


A less healthy meal would be hard to find!

Anyway, we had a few laughs losing our cubed beef in the boiling oil and dunking chunks of bread into melted cheese until we could fit no more. And if that wasn’t punishment enough we did it all over again with chocolate!


A richer dessert would be hard to find!

Meanwhile, the musicians entertained us with their accordions and a skillful execution of the swiss horn and cow bells.


Each bell had a different tone and this musician played a tune by simply shaking the right bells !


This is the traditional swiss horn.




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