A pooch’s life in NYC

March 27, 2014

A pooch’s life in NYC

If you thought New Zealanders’ where crazy about dogs, New Yorkers’ would be a close second.

This is Ralphy in a wooll tartan coat.

This is Ralphy in a woollen tartan coat.

They love their pooches and with  the weather fluctuating from 0 -10 degrees daily as the city transitions from winter to spring, poochs on the footpaths are sporting an amasing array of woollen and rainwear garments.



Lily enjoying Cornwell Park, Auckland


But while grass is a foreign commodity for these New Yorkers, who only know sidewalks, it’s the norm for a lucky Auckland Westie.

But if you’re “well heeled” you can purchase entry to the Soho Grand Dog Garden so your pooch can feel grass underfoot, even if it’s only 6 by 4 metre – oh so sad!

Soho Grand Dog Garden

The locked gate to the Soho Grand Dog Garden

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