Boys (not) fishing trip on Great Lake Taupo

January 20, 2016

Boys (not) fishing trip on Great Lake Taupo

Don’t let anyone tell you the fishing in Lake Taupo and its many tributaries isn’t any good.

Heading across the lake for an all nighter fishing expedition was an exciting proposition. As I packed the boat enthusiastically with dinner, a few beers and a couple of duvets, my mate organised the fly-fishing gear.


My mate, putting the fishing gear on the boat.

The ride across the lake was pictureque and as we turned towards the north-western bays the lake flattened out like glass.


Heading off on our fishing trip across Great Lake Taupo.

One of the great things about fly-fishing the tributaries at night, is you can catch some big old browns (trout). Lake Taupo has two trout species, rainbow and brown, neither of which are native. The browns can get to a great size, double digits, often feeding on cicadas and large insects around the river mouths.

While the plan was to wait until dusk to fish, the mouth of the small tributary was literally bubbling with fish when we arrived. With a small silicone fly, mimicking a whitebait (or smelt as they are called) we started fishing while the sun still high in the sky.


There is nothing more exhilerating than getting a strike on a fly rod. Holding the line high, I walk back up the beach as the fish fights and the line runs.


Very happy with my catch.


The fly in the trouts mouth is a plastic smelt.

Having knotched up seven trout within an hour we enjoyed our dinner in the serenity of the bay before gearing up, with waders and head-lights to wait for the big ones.


Home base.


As the sun was going down we got serious about catching a few… but never thought it would be 20.

As the sun began to fade the momentum picks up…bang, bang,bang. One after another we hauled them in with a grand total of 20 trout.


Another beauty.


How not to hold a trout for a photogragh and get covered in slime!


Hold the trout out on front with a firm grip on its tail..

We finished fishing at 11.30 pm and called it a night having returned all  20 trout back to their natural habitat, unscathed.

For more information on Fly-Fishing in Lake Taupo.






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    Great boat as well.

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