Celebrating Shakespeare in Auckland

March 21, 2016

Celebrating Shakespeare in Auckland


Did you know 2016 marks the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and New Zealand is celebrating it with the world’s first, full-scale, temporary, working replica of the second globe theatre (the first burnt down during a performance of Henry VIII only 14 years after it was built-in 1599.)


Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, performed in Auckland’s Pop-Up Globe.

The Globe is a three- storey building and wherever you are sitting or standing you’re they’re within 15 metres of the action on stage and surrounded on all sides by people sharing the same experience.


The three-tiered theatre is impressive and ensures everyone gets a view of the action.

The theatre holds up to 900 people with three classes of seating. I’m was sitting in some of the most unusual seating in the house – the Lord and Gentlemen’s rooms on the second level directly behind the stage.


These are the Lord and Gentlemen’s rooms on the second tier.

Whether you are into Shakespeare or not, it’s worth a look and if you have been lucky enough to see the Globe in London, you will appreciate what a great job they have done.

Go on a tour of the Pop-Up Globe Theatre


The Pop- Up Globe is in Greys Ave, in Auckland City, very close to Aotea Square.

Check out what’s on and when. Standing tickets directly in front of the stage can be as little as $10.


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