Do I need travel insurance?

February 4, 2016

Do I need travel insurance?


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Travel insurance creates peace of mind and can minimise considerable financial ruin should an accident, illness, God forbid you miss your flight or worse still it’s cancelled, your bags never find their way to your destination, a pick-pocket gets away with your wallet or even worse, there is an emergency evacuation and you need out.


Whitsundays, Australia

This all sounds terrible and we think ‘it’ll never happen to me,’ but a lot can go wrong even
before you start your trip. Most of us think about having insurance while we are
away but the financial risk starts as soon as you purchase your ticket or book
accommodation (sometimes months’ in advance.) WorldcareTravel Insurance says 40
percent of travel insurance claims arise before the trip even commences. An accident, a
medical condition or an event in a location you are travelling to, could prevent you from
leaving home.


Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

So it is important to purchase travel insurance as soon as you hand over money for your air tickets, tour or deposit on a cruise.


Seabourn Cruise

But the next question is, which insurer to go to? The market seems swamped with insurers, from travel agents who get a cut on the sale, to credit card travel insurance and multiple on-line travel insurance companies.


Monte Carlo

Boring as it is, the only way to make sure you are getting the cover you require is to read the policy content and ensure you have the right balance between medical, replacing possessions and cover for any extreme sports or activities you may be undertaking.


Niseko, Japan

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