Excellent contemporary Indian food at Cassia in Auckland

December 22, 2017

Excellent contemporary Indian food at Cassia in Auckland

Our children recently treated us to a five course tasting menu of contemporary Indian food at Cassia and what an extravaganza it was.

While the restaurant calls itself modern Indian they have taken contemporary Indian food to a new level. It is so much more than the imagination would allow with no comparison to the best buttered chicken in the world.

Cassia owner, Sid Sadrawat has another restaurant in Auckland, SIDART. It is fine dining and is acclaimed and awarded as is Cassia.

Sid and his wife Chand have always wanted to showcase their heritage through contemporary Indian food. He has achieved this and more with Cassia winning the 2017 Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the Year for the second consecutive year. They have also gaining Two Hats in the Cuisine Food Awards in 2017.

My food photography is not great. When out for dinner I always think it is a little rude to stage a table to take a photo. So please excuse the photography and just take my word for it, the food is sensational.

The Menu

We started with an amuse.

The fine, crisp vessel was delivered by our waiter, into which she poured a savoury, minty mixture. The only way to eat it was to pop it straight into my mouth. With one small bite it exploded. The refreshing mint liquid cleansed my palate for what was to come.

This was followed by the first course of the tasting menu; tuna, Balmain bug, charcoal onion with cashew cream. The soft texture of the cream complimented the seafood creating a sensational dish.

Following the seafood, we had a vegetarian taster. While caramelised kumara and carrot with vindaloo butter did not get me excited, once I had tasted the sweetness and textures this dish was too was a winner.

Melt in your mouth lamb chops with smoked cashew, dry korma and curry leaves is a favourite as I’ve had it before, following by equally as succulent pork belly with a hot bite, reminded me I was in an Indian restaurant.

Cassia’s food and service is excellent. The restaurant in a bunker like space in Fort Lane, in hte hear of Auckland city provides the perfect ambiance.

If you are interested in contemporary Indian food with a delightful twist, try it.

Book online  

Cassia five course tasting menu $80 pp. Pairing wines available $50pp.

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