Lounge needs an overhaul

March 21, 2014

Lounge needs an overhaul

I have just flown on Air New Zealand’s Hobbit themed plane on route to New York, a 777-300 painted to celebrate the premiere of the second movie in the Hobbit trilogy.


The flight from Auckland to Los Angeles was painless, in fact it was very enjoyable with great food, wine, spectacular kiwi service and a window in the loo.

However, the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland did not reflect the same level of opulence as the aircraft. While waiting to board the plane in it was difficult not to notice the threadbare chairs in the lounge. Split cushions and stuffing bulging out of armchairs reminded me of a student flat and would have many visitors wondering about the financial viability of the airline. I’ve shared my thoughts on “Air New Zealand – My Voice,” and their response was quick and appreciative. Hopefully the delivery of new chairs and couches is imminent.




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