New Zealanders are traveling to India in droves – KAYAK stats tell it all

April 28, 2018

New Zealanders are traveling to India in droves – KAYAK stats tell it all

A new travel search engine, KAYAK was launched in Auckland this week with a few extras that will help Kiwis search 100’s of sites to plan their travel. They also know where we are traveling and India is right up there.

According to KAYAK, Kiwis are on the move. Not only are we traveling more, but we’re going to more diverse destinations including Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai as well as Shanghai and Colombo.

In addition to searching for flights, hotels, cars and packages, KAYAK also offers a few innovative tools including:

  • Price Forecast, a tool which tells users whether the flight price will go up or down in the coming 7 days based on historical travel data.
  • Trips, an itinerary management tool to organise all of your travel bookings and provide users with real-time alerts on flight updates.
  • Explore, a tool which shows you where in the world you can fly on your budget.
  • Hacker Fare, a tool that shows you how two one-way tickets on different airlines can save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket.
  • Hotel Heat Map, a tool for those who want a hotel in the middle of all the action including restaurants, nightlife and shopping.
This is where Kiwis are traveling in 2018
Ranking 2018 top destinations for Kiwis

Year-on-year change in

search volume  (%)

1 London, UK + 41%
2 Delhi, India + 115%
3 Sydney, Australia + 4%
4 Los Angeles, US + 41%
5 Melbourne, Australia – 2%
6 Bali, Indonesia + 27%
7 Nadi, Fiji + 58%
8 Bangkok, Thailand + 36%
9 Gold Coast, Australia + 14%
10 Seoul, South Korea + 57%
And these are the emerging destinations for Kiwis in 2018 … India strikes 4 times!
Ranking 2018 emerging destinations for Kiwis

Year-on-year change in

search volume growth  (%)

1 Hyderabad, India + 202%
2 Chennai, India + 121%
3 Delhi, India + 115%
4 Milan, Italy + 112%
5 Athens, Greece + 108%
6 Shanghai, China + 102%
7 Colombo, Sri Lanka + 85%
8 Mumbai, India + 82%
9 Boston, US + 76%
10 Toronto, Canada + 74%

So if you haven’t planned a trip to India, get going as that’s all the travel junkies will be talking about!




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