Scotland’s Road to Independence

March 3, 2014

Scotland’s Road to Independence

A historic year for Scotland -2014

Scotland's road to independence

Scotland’s road to independence

On September 18, the Scots will decide in a referendum whether to dissolve their 300 year-old union with Britain and create an independent Scottish state.

The independence debate has dominated Scottish politics for decades, propelled by a series of major disputes. In September, it reaches its dramatic climax.images-4

Political Tours, a UK based company is taking tours of Scotland that trace the referendum debate from its historical origins to the current day. They will look at the rise of nationalism and the Scottish National Party (SNP), the impact of economic change on Scotland, and discuss what kind of state Scotland might become following a “Yes” vote.


The tour starts in Glasgow, weaves through Stirling, before travelling to Aberdeen and St Andrews and ending in Edinburgh.

Designed like a news documentary – the tour will access real people and real life situations, combined with some great analysis and interviews with key political leaders on both sides.

If you would like to know more about Political Tours please contact Political Tours’ Director, Nicholas Wood at or call him on            +44 7855 266 151.



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