Simple remedies to help you get over the holiday blues

November 23, 2015

Simple remedies to help you get over the holiday blues

Wanderlust, a UK travel magazine, recently had some tips for “getting over” the holiday blues.

After the freedom of an adventure or the spontaneity of travelling with no plans, settling back into the swing of every day life can be miserable.

American Travel Therapy TV host, Karen Schaler calls it “a vacation hangover.”

This is my take on things to make you feel better …

  1. When you get home infuse every day with a sense of adventure. Incorporate bits of your trip into your life at home. If you are a foodie, start cooking the food you ate while away. If you are a muso, start listening to more of their music. Keep the good vibes coming and share it with friends.

Create your own delicious paella

  1. Don’t get back into the same routine. Embrace you own backyard and take a fresh look at what’s around you. Go for day trips, explore things in your own town you’ve just taken for granted and get out and about more.

The Emerald Lakes on Mount Tongariro

  1. Plan another trip … even if it’s a long way off. Travel blogs are inspirational, especially BLOG THE GLOBE, so get reading and hatch a plan!

Helping to bathe the elephants at one of Chiang Mai’s elephant rehabilitation centres



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