There’s a lot to do at the Intercontinental Fiji Golf and Spa Resort even if it’s raining

October 29, 2014

There’s a lot to do at the Intercontinental Fiji Golf and Spa Resort even if it’s raining

pool22I’ve just come back from a weekend staying at the Intercontinental in Fiji. The plan was to get a pre summer tan but it rained. Apparently it hasn’t rained for months and it’s much needed but I can’t say I was happy about it, although it could have been worse -I wasn’t the bride wanting a beachfront wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Still, I’ve moved on and there was plenty to do even in the stormy weather.

1.  An energising massage


I got to the spa early to enjoy the Wai Zone. I’m always suspicious of these sorts of hydrotherapy programmes and I was right…hot pool, steam room and ice shower. Supposedly, it’s excellent for blood circulation and the immune system but I chickened out of the ice shower – I was on holiday, not boot camp.

However, the massage itself was divine and the warm up and cool down was equally as tranquil. On a beautiful reclining bed in the relaxation room, I had ginger tea and a seed snack (very healthy, I imagine) before the massage, and afterwards I slurped on a hydrating strawberry and orange concoction- almost a meal.

  1. Off to the gym

gym 22

Before lunch at the golf club I went to the gym to justify more calories. It’s small but well equipped for a cardio workout and weights, although I’m no expert.

  1. Late lunch at the golf club


The resort is big and we didn’t fancy getting wet so caught the shuttle to the golf clubhouse. The course is spectacular and due to the weather there weren’t many people there but we didn’t care. Our lunch was sensational, a Mahi Mahi fish curry with poppadoms, roti and rice. Possibly a few too many carbs but it was delicious.

  1. A bath overlooking the ocean


Back in our room the afternoon was getting stormier so it was time to be creative and do something cosy. The outdoor bath with candles and a glass of chardonnay looking out to sea was just the answer.

  1. Pre dinner cocktail and dinner

wine 22

With the clouds finally lifting the day was coming to a close and what a better way to end it than outside in the warmth, before dinner at Navo, the fine dinning restaurant.

Who said, a rainy day wasn’t a good day in paradise.


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