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July 2017

Loving catching up with the kids in Rome.

I can’t get my head around the fact it’s July and half the years has gone. But having said that I feel I have had a very productive (and fun) two months in Italy, possibly the longest I have spent in a country on vacation.

We visited many great locations starting in Barolo in northern Italy. As well as tasting great wines and celebrating a friend’s birthday the truffle hunting in Alba as a highlight.

We found 90 grams of truffles on our hunt.

We had time in Sardinia and Corsica before heading back to the mainland where we based ourselves in Siena for a couple of weeks, attending language school. It was so much fun and our Italian did improve!

Beautiful beaches were a highlight in Sardinia.

The colour of the ocean in Sardinia is picture perfect.

This is Bonifacio in Corsica where the ferry berths from Sardinia.

This was the view from our Siena apartment overlooking the Piazza del Campo.

The Trevi Fountain is looking amazing following its make-over.

It’s hard to be in Italy for a period of time without visiting Rome and staying at our favourite hotel, the Rome Cavalieri. With some of the kids we had a great time before heading south to Amalfi. As always it’s a delight to visit this stunning coastline, but the summer crowds can detract from its beauty. I have a post coming – ‘Tips on how to enjoy the Amalfi Coast without the crowds.’

The luxurious pool at the Rome Cavalieri hotel is a blessing over the summer months when the temperatures are well in the 30’s.

Ravello, high above Amalfi is a beautiful town with a fraction of the tourists Amalfi has.

The pinnacle of the trip was our last week away in a Tuscan Villa with the family. It was a highlight and so good we have vowed to do it again. If you are looking for tips on how to find a great Tuscan villa or you just want an incredible recommendation, look out… post coming.

One of the things we most enjoyed in the Tuscan villa was cooking together with local chefs.

The beautiful pool at the villa was a life saver in the summer.

I’m now home in Auckland for a while, consolidating my writing and catching up with many posts to write… stay connected.






























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