10 reasons why you should look at ‘The Resort at Pedregal’ for your next break

October 10, 2018

10 reasons why you should look at ‘The Resort at Pedregal’ for your next break

Returning to a resort for a second time only happens if you truly love the place, and yes, we truly love The Resort at Pedregal.

The attentive pool staff make up your day bed each morning with soft, fluffy towels and a head roll

This is one of three pools at The Resort at Pedregal

It’s not difficult to find a quiet place to rest and reflect

It seemed the right thing to do, to stop and have a little sunshine on our way home from Alaska. So, we made a small deviation to the very tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and arrived at Cabo San Lucas.

When we were collected from the airport (part of the service) our driver was not hard to spot. On his immaculate linen shirts was The Resort at Pedregal’s emblem, the turtle. Off the coast near the hotel is a marine reserve that allows the turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs in peace.

Leaving the airport, we are escorted to one of their luxury, air-conditioned vehicles and our experience began. After a 40-minute drive along the coast from the airport to the resort we arrived at the impressive gates to the closed community. The gateman welcomed us offering a choice of beverages; hibiscus water, a corona or a margarita on the rocks. It was a no -brainer!

This is not the margarita we were served on our arrival, but it was delicious. It was the ‘margarita of the day,’ mango and strawberry

Then the drama unfolded, just as I remembered from last time.

As we drove through the 250-metre private tunnel with its halo shaped chandeliers providing a sparkle, we popped out the other side leaving the chaos of Cabo behind. We were once again in the sanctuary of Pedregal over-looking the confluence of the brilliant blue Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean with its thundering, memorizing waves.

The pounding waves at the resort makes swimming impossible, but I could watch them all day

This wave was so big the surf was almost in the pool

Minutes later, our margaritas arrived and we sat in the open-air reception, seamlessly checked-in before being shown our room.

The property is large with 24 acres, but just 113 rooms, suites and multi-bedroom residential style villas dotted around the resort. Most of the rooms, like ours overlook the ocean. Our room had a generosity of space (80 square metres) with the bathroom incorporated into the bedroom and living room, with only the lavatory separate. Opening onto an outdoor area and private plunge pool, our room lacked for nothing.

This is the open-style bathroom

With a beautiful outdoor area and our own plunge pool we had all the privacy in the world

More reasons why I love this The Resort at Pedregal:

  1. It’s Mexican and has a very authentic twist.
  2. You’re in your own private world, emphasised by the private tunnel dividing the resort from the hustle of Cabo.
  3. You’re completely connected to the ocean with thundering, crashing waves creating a soothing ambiance. It’s hard to do justice describing these waves, but they are completely captivating.
  4. The resort is small with first class food and beverages, plus the best margaritas!
  5. The staff can’t do enough for you.
  6. Complimentary appetizers and tasters of the ‘margarita of the day’ are served poolside, as well as an evening corona and guacamole delivered to your room around 4pm.
  7. There’s no pressure on any of the facilities whether it be poolside, gym, business centre, restaurants or bars.
  8. The choice of restaurants is excellent. El Farallon is outdoors and is craved into the rock on the cliff side with the sea pounding at your feet. A more living landscape would be hard to find. In addition, Don Manuel’s, the hacienda-style indoor, outdoor restaurant serving local seafood and many other delicious dishes. If you want to eat at the many great restaurants in Cabo, it’s only a five-minute taxi ride into town.
  9. I didn’t use the spa, but can only imagine it was amazing. However, I did witness a couple of poolside treatments going on and it didn’t look all bad.
  10. I did use the gym to try and keep the checks and balances right with the poolside cocktails and it was faultless. It made Les Mill look a bit ‘old hat.’

El Farallon Restaurant is etched into the rock face

This is a first-class resort, in a first-class location. We’ll be back.

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